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I’m a potter, a garden designer, organic farmer and fine jewelry maker. I collect seeds and pods and coral and shells and mushrooms and bits of things I find on walks.  Nature in all her forms make it into my work somehow.  

If I make something that looks like you found it in the woods I consider it a success.  I’m delighted  when I see an unusual fungus or nest and I love sharing that feeling with people in a way that they can keep and wear or hold or use in every day life.  I believe that comfort in being outside and a familiarity with natural, growing things is central to a healthy life.


My ceramic work is mostly hand built and are one of a kind and high-fired in a gas kiln.  The making of the pieces and solving the design quandaries that arise with each one are as interesting and satisfying to me as the finished product.  

My work is available at the Alford Open Studios at the Scott Barn and in a temporary gallery space in my house in Great Barrington by appointment only.

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