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My current work is inspired by the simple process of layering marks.

The marks coalesce into a community of forms that can become figurative, 

representative and may create patterns or morph into abstraction, which generally describes my monotype work (the Clam Series). The mark and the line will tell me what to do, what steps to take next, if I am a good listener.


The direction in my representative work is driven by exploration of iconic shapes and images, overlooked beauty in common objects (the Cracker Series), detritus and perceived 

nuisances (the Mud Lake Series), all a constant expansion of themes I've carried in my mind's eye throughout my career as an artist. 


My studio is located in a refurbished 

antique English-style barn. I work in a few mediums: watercolor, ink, acrylic, oil and produce monotypes and drypoint etchings on a large press located in the studio barn. I have a flat file of work as well as framed pieces currently available. 

The last few decades I have divided my time and creativity as a fine artist, editorial illustrator, graphic designer, forager, cook, organic gardener, life-partner and mother.

Please go to my website for prices and more work.


Email me directly if you would like to arrange a socially-distant and well-ventilated barn studio visit.

Clam Bowl 2019 / 20" x 24.5" framed monotype 1 of 1.

Hashtag 2019 / 18" x 18" unframed monotype 1 of 1. 

Pod Row 2019 / 22.5" x 29" framed monotype 1 of 1. Price upon request.

Clam Papilio 2019 / 23" x 24" framed monotype 1 of 1. Price upon request. 

Footed Clam 2019 / 22" x 27" framed monotype 1 of 1. Price upon request.

Bearded Clam 2019 / 24.5" x 31" framed monotype 1 of 1. Price upon request.

Grasses 2018 / 11" x 11" framed drypoint etching 1 of 3. Price upon request.

Clam Hatch 2018 / 26" x 35" framed monotype 1 of 1. Price upon request.

Morpha Series / 11" x 11" framed monotypes. Prices upon request.

Cracker Series / various sizes, watercolor. Prices upon request.